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PRP report to Justice Shri Krishna Committee

3.2. Fazal Ali Commission was against Merger

This is yet another misinterpretation widely propagated by T-Bogey.

The 1st States reorganization commission headed by Hon. The Fazal Ali in 1955 examined the merits & shortcomings of Telangana & Andhra regions comprehensively, as also the arguments for and against the merger of the two regions.

The Fazal Ali Commission emphasizes the merits of Visalandhra as below:

     “The Economic affiliation of Telangana with the existing Andhra State are also not Unimportant. Telangana has in years of scarcity , a sizeable deficit in food supplies. The existing Andhra State however has normally a surplus which Telangana may be able to use. The existing state of Andhra has likewise no coal, but will be able to get its supplies from Singareni.Telangana will also be able to save a great deal of expenditure on general administration in case if it is not established as a separate unit. ”                                                     …..Para 373

     “The creation of Visalandhra is an ideal to which numerous individuals and public bodies, both in Andhra & Telangana , have been passionately attached over a long periods of time, and unless there are strong reasons to the contrary , this sentiment is entitled to consideration.”

                                                                                                       …Para 374

     “It seems to us; therefore that there is much to be said for the formation of the larger State and that nothing should be done to impede the realization of this goal…                                                                                            ….Para 382

While the Fazal Ali commission emphasizes on the necessity and benefits Visalandhra, the report only suggests that the process of merging may be done after 5 years.  “ …for the present the Telangana area is to constitute into a separate State, which may be known as Hyderabad State with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in or about 1961, if by two thirds majority the legislature of the residency Hyderabad State expresses itself in favor of the such unification.”

                                                                                                   ……Para 386

The TBogey in all their propaganda selectively quotes from the points raised by the Commission While the report does point certain ‘inherent deficiencies’ on either side , it indicates that the merits of unification outnumber those of separation. This must be borne in mind.

The procedure of securing two thirds majority in the Hyderabad State assembly to merge the two states, as recommended by the Fazal Ali commission was adhered to, completely. The only adjustment was that it took place ahead of the suggested time frame.

The TBogey does not acknowledge these, and also conveniently ignore certain inherent deficiencies on the side of Telangana region and attribute them to the Unification


   1. Preamble

   2. Executive Summary

   3. Telangana demand The Misinformation campaign & The Truth Behind.

       3.1 People of Telangana were not in favor of Merger with Andhra

       3.2 Fazal Ali Commission was against Merger

       3.3 Gentlemen’s agreement was violated from day one

       3.4 Telangana Employment opportunities usurped by Andhra

       3.5 Telangana Culture derided

       3.6 Telangana Politicians suppressed

       3.7 Telangana Only Solution

    4. Chronology of Regionalism & Unity

       4.1 Telangana Movement 1969

       4.2 Jai Andhra Movement 1972

       4.3 Telugu Unity & Emergence of NTR

       4.4 Telangana Rashtra Samithi (2001-2009)

       4.5 Movement for United Andhra Pradesh – Post 9 th Dec’2009

   5.  Development 1956-2009 / Economic Perspective

   6.  Hyderabad – Present day Status

   7.  Demands for Statehood within Andhra Pradesh

   8.  What is the National Policy on Smaller states?

   9.  National Integration & Security Perspective

   10. Telangana Social Perspective

   11. Relevance of Tdemand Post liberalization/Globalization

   12. Telangana Historic & Cultural perspective

   13. Conclusion



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