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Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s last two films Puli and Teen Maar were duds at the box office. He has only single hit (Jalsa) to his credit in ten years. Any hero might have been out of the industry with such track record, but Pawan Kalyan is still ‘red hot’ among the business circles.

PK factor still terrifies other producers be it small or big! His aura is so big that anyone doesn’t even dare to lock horns with him. Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa is slated for release on December 9 and no one is planning to release their films a week before or after it. There are many top heroes in the film industry that demands such respect, but it will only last for a week.

Leaving three weeks space vacant for one film shows how huge the star is and how much others fear him. Saying so, we have to accept that Pawan Kalyan didn’t do justice to his star image in the recent times. It is high time that he bounces back with Panjaa and proves to the non-believers why he is being feared and respected to such an extent. All the best Power Star.

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