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CCT Number one Blood Bank in AP - A write-up

Megastar Chiranjeevi started Chiranjeevi Blood Bank  in the month of October 2nd 1998 with an aim to provide safe and screened blood, free of cost to the poor and needy.

The two major wings of CCT are blood bank and eye bank. In a span of almost 12 years, CCT has disbursed 1,70,000 units of blood. Out of which more than 70% of these blood units (1,20,000) were given to poor and downtrodden for free of cost and remaining units were given to corporate hospitals at a nominal fee. As per NATIONAL AIDS CONTROL ORGANIZATION, a Blood bank can charge up to 850/- Rs for screening cost of the Whole packed blood with replacement. But CCT is charging a mere 500/- rs for the screening the blood, that too for the people who does not have white rations cards and who came from corporate hosipitals. CCT has done Cornea Transplantations to more than 2000 people in last one decade. 

CCT also won the prestigious "Best Performing Voluntary Blood Bank' award by State Government of AP for 5 consecutive years of 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07. After 2007, government has not announced the awards for the last 2 years.

CCT is perhaps the one of the two blood banks in the state who issues SAFE blood and the other one is NTR foundation. Please check the below link for further information.

Also Celebraties and other big wigs of Andhra Pradesh only wish to take the blood from CCT than any other government and privare blood banks as the blood issued by CCT is safe and doctors fraternity recommonds them CCT for blood.  Till 2008 CCT is the only blood bank in the Andhra Pradesh who issues blood with out replacement. After 2008, due to high demand of the blood, CCT changed the policy and ask for the replacement of the blood.

When ever the state is a hit by national calamity or any other such issues, government officials will prefer to take free blood from CCT and last such incident was during the floods that hit andhra pradesh during 2009 Nov/Dec, 120 units of blood was sent to Karimnagar Govt Head quarters upon the request from the Rangareddy District Collector.

Generally the blood will be given to the poor people. The guidelines to follow were listed below.

  • Person who carries white ration card. In some scenarios the person who need blood may not posses the card with him, during that time the CCT will decide and give blood even with out ration card. CCT welcomes such cases by giving blood free of cost.

  • Government Hospitals or Government Aided Hospitals. Any person who carry letter from the doctor about the type of blood and the quantity will be issued.

  • Blood donor's family within 1year. Any person who is a fan of Chiranjeevi or his family/friend can avail blood in the CCT.

  • People who are below poverty line (as per SSID)

    The beauty and greatness of CCT lies in itís principles and policies. This is the only privately operated blood bank who does not accepted single rupee of donation from the public or any other means. The founder of the blood bank Dr Chiranjeeviís money is used to run the blood bank. So far 3.56 Crore rupees of hard earned money of Chiranjeevi has been used from the corpus fund of CCT for the expenses towards the equipment procured and other operations expenses including blood screening charges and employee salaries. It is officially known to every one that Chiranjeevi Blood Bank under Chiranjeevi Charitable Foundation is the biggest blood bank in Andhra Pradesh.

To Know more about CCT and to check the founder message please visit the following link and subsequent pages at our website.



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