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                                 Editorial - Whose is bluffing whom? Fans? Heroes? Producers?

Till now The Telugu Film Industry has managed to remain aloof from needless controversies related to the box office collections of the movies and the records set by them. The heroes and the directors have never publicly commented on the records unless there was a clear cut unanimous verdict. Die hard fans however have always participated in healthy altercations over whose demi-God has better box office stamina.

However, of late, an unhealthy trend has started emerging in the industry with the heroes, the producers and the directors using the new social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to talk about the performance of their movies. In what could be seen as a first of sorts, the producer and the hero of a recent blockbuster stated that their movie has surpassed Magadheera and become the official number one (in terms of the gross collections) in the Telugu Film Industry.

They also claimed that this recent blockbuster overtook Magadheera's full run collections in a very short span of time effectively opening up a can of worms. Irked by this statement, fans of Ram Charan (Leading man of Magadheera) have splashed vinyl boards in some places stating that Magadheera's collections are still sacrosanct and condemning the rival hero and his producer. They announced a cash reward of 100,000 if anyone can prove them wrong.

Interestingly, the producer of the recent blockbuster asserted again that his movie grossed more than Magadheera and that he would pay up 10 million rupees if anyone proves otherwise. A die hard fan of the hero of this superhit movie tweeted repeatedly to Allu Sirish on Twitter (Producer of Geeta Arts and the son of Allu Arvind) challenging him to state the true collections of Magadheera. Sirish responded by saying that he did not wish to waste his time explaining this to every Tom Dick and Harry and suggested that the producer should arrange a pressmeet in which Sirish would show the Daily Collection Reports of Magadheera to prove the supremacy of Magadheera at the box office. As per Sirish, that would put all speculations at rest.

This recent movie has had a good run at the box office which no one denies. But the movie has been taken off the marquee in as many as 50 centers across all regions of Andhra Pradesh on the 51st day of its run. Its publicity savvy producer has made a controversial statement that the movie ran for over 50 days in Canada where the movie in reality had just 7 screenings, exactly half of Magadheera's 14 screenings.

Setting aside all these numbers, this is a very unhealthy trend for the industry where the heroes and the producers lock horns with one another to prove who reigns supreme at the box office. This practice should be nipped in the bud and the industry should take measures to be one big family. In the past when a particular movie surpassed the records of the previous movie (belonging to the same heroes we have discussed so far) there had been no objections or false notifications as everyone knew the real numbers and they accepted the verdict.

Records are meant to be broken. Regardless of who holds the records, the industry will have a dream run if all the movies become successful. What is not good for the industry is the in-fighting. Hope better sense prevails.

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