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Actor Subbaraju about Pawan Kalyan @ Gabbar Singh Sets

Pawan Kalyan is doing two movies simultaneously. Panja talkie part is over except 2 songs. While other movie is the remake of Hindi block buster Dabaang. Pawan is doing the powerful yet mischievous cop role in Gabbar Singh. Actor Subbaraju is playing a key role in Gabbar Singh. One schedule of Gabbar Singh is over. Subba Raju is working for the first time with Pawan and he mesmerized with the Pawan's on screen and off screen performance and behavior and posted some positive news about Pawan at his twitter account. is reproducing the same for our visitors.

"Shooting in Pollachi for first time with the Power Pack Kalyan is very exciting and intense. Witnessed the Grace in his Dance yesterday.All those Power Fans who missed out the 'teen maar steps' in his last movie...Those title steps are here..." says Actor Subba Raju about Pawan Kalyan's Dance in Gabbar Singh.


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