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Nagababu: 'We Are United And Happy'

Nagababu brought clarity for the assumptions about the alleged splits in Mega Family. The doubts raised among Mega fans when they noticed no one from Mega family turned up to the ‘Panja’ audio event.

As the media expressed the doubts of fans, Nagababu reacted to it saying, “Media is more creative than film story writers. The media journalists are cooking up stories in big way and passing the buck towards fans. We all are united and none can bring split among us. Our bond is beyond politics and films. Our parents nurtured us in such away to live together for ever. My health was bad and hence I couldn’t come. Charan was in China and Chiranjeevi garu, as far as we know, couldn’t come due to an unavoidable appointment. Bunny was stuck up in traffic jam. That’s all”.

So Mega fans can be happy on this and they need not worry about mega family. Well, that’s what everyone is wishing.



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