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 Orange movie budget is about 40 crore rupees

After the rich and well presented movie ‘Magadheera’ made on a very high budget; obviously expectations on Ramcharan stand very high with his next movie ‘orange’ and producer Naga Babu seems not to spare anything in making the movie a super hit without compromising on budgetary constraints.

Off late, the range of budget with which orange’ is made has become a discussion in Film Nagar. With whopping amounts spent on ‘Puli, Khaleja, Robot and Brindavanam,’ budget of a Telugu movie has become a symbol of quality. Close sources to Anajana Productions say that, Naga Babu is making this stylish flick with a budget of something in the range of Rs.30 to 33 Crores. With massive schedules conducted in Australia and big names attached to the movie; ‘orange’ is all ready to hit the screens very soon. If we can add other costs into the budget like promotion, prints and publicity, ORANGE is a sure shot film with a 40 Crore investment. By selling the overseas rights, home theatre rights, Audio and satellite rights producer Nagababu can easily make 10 crores of the 40 Cr. Rest of the amount has to be gathered from Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states business.

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