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PANJAA: Do-IT benefit shows at Kukatpalli

Panjaa is getting released on 9th December. benefit shows were planned across the Hyderabad main locations. In Kukatpalli area Panjaa is releasing in Sivaparvathy theatre and benefit shows were planned at Viswanadh and Sivaparvathy theatres. Siri Media is distributing PANJAA In Nizam area. As per Prasad the General Manager of Siri Media, a total of 5 to 7 benefit shows were planned by the fans.

Do-IT organizational (part of Chiranjeevi fans unit) is arranging the benefit shows at Kukatpalli area. They paid 5 lakh rupees towards the benefit show amount to the distributor for 2 shows. All that money will be shown as share in Nizam area collections. Mr Hemanth of Do-IT is doing this movie screening in Kukatpalli area. In Moosapet, Sriramulu theatre another benefit show is planned and a sum of 2.5 lakhs is paid to distributor. Distributor is making good sum of money for the benefit shows in Hyderabad.


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