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Panjaa producers got notices from Police, SAP, GHMC

Panjaa audio function became an instant success as it pacify the hunger of the Pawanfans (aka Megafans) and also the audio became biggest hit. High profile, enthusiastic producers made huge effort for the grandeur look of the function and they succeeded in that aspect. For the first time an audio function is conducted at a sprawling indoor stadium of Gachidowli. An estimated 10000 people turned out for the function though the capacity is 5000. Remaining people had to wait out side the stadium.

Hundreds of bouncers were employed for the functions and few hundreds of police men including DCP of the cyberarab region personally monitored the status at the venue. Producers paid huge sum for the venue and after the function they are getting many notices from one and all.

Police department sent notices for the extra payment of money as they had to depute additional forces due to the traffic jam clearance and to protect the VIP's at the venue. Police department took the control of the stadium premises and also stage. Police generally takes control of the premises outside the venue, but this time they even covered the dais. Police department expected 5000 people turnout but the turn out is unprecedented. Sports Authority of AP who maintains gachibowli Indoor stadium sent notices to the producers for the damaged gates, glasses and chairs at the venue. Event organizers arranged special chairs for the people who sat inside the stadium had incurred huge loss as 25% of their costly chairs were broken, they also approached producers. Apart from all these people GHMC also sent notices as the entire place becomes dirty with garbage.

Producer Neelima Tirumalasetti opined that these problems are very small in nature and negligible when compared to the grand success of the function. She said after all we are having a guest who is the most crowd pulling and crazy person, so expected these hiccups.


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