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Sept 6th 2007, Hyderabad

Pawan Kalyan case is postponed to 5th Oct

Sept 6th 2007, Hyderabad

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan attended the court at 3PM amidst more crowd than morning. He greeted all his fans by step in the top of the car. Pawan Kalyan drove his car from Hyderabad to Vizag. Allu Aravind also present in the court. The court was adjourned to Oct 5th 2007, Nandini did not attend the court.

This is the first time Pawan Kalyan appeared in the public. Crowd and fans mobbed Pawan Kalyan where ever he visits in the city. He went to RK beach to pay homage to Dr Allu Ramalingaiah, thousands of people occupied the RK Beach road. Also hundreds of people are waiting outside greenpark hotel. The scene is no different at Vizag District court.

We will update the photographs as well video's very shortly. Stay tuned at

Pawan Kalyan case is postponed to 3Pm today afternoon

Sept 6th 2007, Hyderabad

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan attended the court today at 10AM. Thousands of fans thronged to the court premises and police had to work hard to control enthusiastic fans and crowd. Even Nandini also attended the court at 10AM amidst tight security. 

After arrival, Pawan waved at his fans gathered in the court premises and judge had to postpone the case to 3PM due to the mad rush and slogans of pawan fans. Pawan requested all his fans to calm down, but the fans did terrific Hungama. Pawan is expected to visit  Padmasri Late Sri Allu Ramalingaiah statue at RK beach, Vizag to pay homage to the legendry comedian. Now a days it's became a practice for all mega heroes to visit RK beach ALLU STATUE.

Stay tuned at for more live updates of the Pawan Vizag visit.

Pawan Kalyan is in Vizag to attend the court proceedings

Sept 5th 2007, Hyderabad

Powerstar Pawan kalyan went to Vizag today afternoon to attend the court proceedings on 6th Sept 2007. He along with his friends and fans went to Vizag. Bade ravikiran, Geetha arts bobby, UA chiranjeevi fans president Raghavarao, secretary Sarath and other Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha members were also present along with Pawan.

Pawan Kalyan stayed at Greenpark hotel in Vizag and tomorrow at 10AM he is expected to attend the court. Huge police protect is arranged near court to control Pawan fans. Large number of Pawan fans are expected to come to the court premises tomorrow from coastal districts and UA area.

Stay tuned at for more updates.



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