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                           Magadheera - 5 weeks gross in Hyd X roads, DSNR and KPL

Magadheera is became number uno movie interms of gross, shares and no of shows screened across andhrapradesh. Magadheera is going very strong in Hyderbad city, it is still running in 27 theatres in 6th week and in 5th week it ran in 37 theatres. This shows the magnitude of Magadheera success and it's collections.

Coming to the collections in Hyd main centres, collected X Roads, Kukatpalli and Dilshuknagar gross of Magadheera for 5 weeks. giving the gross amount for the 3 areas in Hyd City.

S.No Area Theatres No of Days/Shows Gross in Rupees
1 RTC X Roads Sudarshan 35MM 5 weeks/133 shows 55,86,000
2   Santhi 1 week/28 shows 10,13,600
3   Usha Mayuri 16 shows 3,36,964
4   Odeon Deluxe 8 shows 2,94,776
Total X Roads gross for 5 weeks 72,29,334
1 Dilsukhnagar Konark 5 weeks/133 shows 43,00,000
2   Mahalakshmi 5 weeks 19,50,000
3   Sivani 1 week 10,11,200
Total Dilsukhnagar gross for 5 weeks 72,61,000
1 Kukatpalli Mallikarjuna 5 weeks 44,32,000
2   Bhramaramba 2 weeks 8,68,900
3   Viswanadh   11,20,000
4   Sivaparvathi   9,30,000
Total Kukatpalli gross for 5 weeks 73,50,900



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