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Magadheera - Shattered Addanki Box office
Magadheera movie is creating wonders across without any (a, b, c, d or multiplex) bias. Generally every movie does have some limitations in terms of audience likings. And people certainly classify movies as class and mass. But Magadheera is totally of different league and it is called people cinema.

Coming to Addanki, a small C Centre in Prakasam dist, where Nandamuri Clan movies generally fare well due to domination due to socio economic reasons. Yamadonga is being the number one movie with a share of 8.4 lakhs rupees for its entire run and Jalsa with a share of 6 lakhs topping the addanki trade chart. Magadheera released in 2 theatres and it collected a share of 7.8 lakhs rupees for 5 days and is expected to collect 8.6 lakhs rupees in the first week alone. The fans of Chiranjeevi also astonished with the way Magadheera amasses the box office and the fans of other heroes are simply gone in hibernation mode and they can not digest the fact that Charan aka Cherry crossed their earlier records with in a weeks time that too in a centre like Addanki.

When it comes to record of a particular hero, whose movie ran for 175 days in a theatre and collected 5.75 lakhs rupees share in its entire run, Cherry's Magadheera crossed its collection within 2 days of release. This is the stamina of Ram Charan Tej and it is called as MEGA BLOW to other hero fans..

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