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Magadheera - The box office legend

Magadheera stuck the box office like a thunder bolt and is collecting humongous amount of money which was never heard in Telugu film industry. It was released with highest number of prints in highest number screens. And trade pundits expect the collections of the movie to subside after a couple of weeks. But the collections and craze seems to be the same even as Magadheera entered into third week.

C centers craze
Addanki is a typical C center. The earlier highest share collected in Addanki was 8.6 lacs for Yamadonga film in 50 days. Arundhati collected a share of 8.2 lacs. Pokiri collected a share of 5.4 lacs in 175 days. Chiranjeeviís highest share was 5.4 lacs for Shankar Dada MBBS. Magadheera movie was released in two theatres and collected a share of 4 lacs on day one. And It surpassed the all time record of Yamadonga in 7 days. It collected a share of more than 15 lacs in 17 days. The exhibitor screened in additional theatre on Independence Day weekend and sold tickets on flat rates. They are expecting a total share of more than 20 lacs in total run. This amount is never imagined by the exhibitors of Addanki before.

In another C center like Kandukuru, Yamadonga collected a share of 1.9 lacs on day 1 and Chirutha collected a share of 2.1 lacs on day 1. Magadheera collected a share 6.1 lacs on day 1 (3 times more than earlier record). Yamadonga collected share of 13.08 lacs in total run and Magadheera crossed it in 8 days. Magadheera collected a share of 19 lacs so far and it is poised to collect more than 25 lacs in total run.

Nellore district
The highest share collected in Nellore district was 1.4 crores by Yamadonga followed by 1.20 crores by Pokiri. Magadheera collected a share of 1.7 crores in 17 days. The distributor is expecting a total share of 2.4 crores in long run. Magadheera film was sold to the distributor for 1.2 crores.

Uttarandhra (Vizag territory)
The highest share collected in Utterandhra (Vizag territory) was 3.6 crores by Yamadonga. Magadheera collected a share of 3.24 so far and the distributor is expecting a share of over 5 crores in the total run. Magadheera collected a share of 80 lacs so far in Vizag city. Pokiri holds the record with 1.16 crores share in Vizag city. Jalsa stood second with 1.07 crores. Magadheera is expected to collect a share of 1.4 crores in Vizag city in total run.

Magadheera crossed the earlier highest share record in Ceded by the second week. At present, Magadheera collected a share of 7.8 crores in Ceded. Magadheera broke all 1st day and 1st week records in Ceded except for Tirupati as the local administration didnít allow extra shows.

Arundhati holds record in Kadapa town with a total share of 46.5 lacs. Earlier record was held by Pokiri with a share of 38 lacs in 175 days. Indra collected a share of 36.5 lacs in 100 days. Magadheera collected a share of 41 lacs in first week. It crossed the Arundhati record on 12th day. It collected a share of more than 60 lacs in 16 days. Magadheera is expected to collect more than 80 lacs of share in the total run. One of the main reasons for tremendous collections is that Magadheera is released in theatre complex owned by Ravindra Reddy (YSRís brother-in-law) who allowed flat rate system and extra shows.

USA Telugu film records shattered
Magadheera is breaking all previous Telugu film records by big margins in USA also. It was released in New Jersey with three prints and three screens and collected a share of more than 150,000 dollars so far. Earlier record in this area was held by Jalsa that collected more than 100,000 dollars. Magadheera did a gross collection of 102,000 dollars in the first two days in NJ. Magadheera collected a share of 95,000 dollars in Virginia so far with two prints. It collected a share of 78,000 dollars in Bay Area with single print. In a small center like Minneapolis where the highest number of tickets sold for any movie was 1200, Magadheera managed to attract 2300 people so far.

Main reasons for Magadheera phenomenal collections
The trade pundits are attributing the following factors.

1. Unanimous positive talk: Star movies have the stamina of becoming hits with average content. And when the content is good, the sky is limit.
2. Rajamouliís direction: Rajamouli is a brand-name among the movie lovers of popular entertainment. His earlier film Yamadonga created records in many areas too.
3. Ram Charan Teja: Ram Charan Teja inherited the humongous fan base of Chiranjeevi and made all Chiranjeeviís fans proud with superb performance in Magadheera.
4. Grand production values: May be 5% of entire APís population is exposed to films like 300, Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, Hero or Brave Heart. For the remaining 95% of the Telugu movie lovers the flashback episode is a never-before experience. The grand production values and rich look of the movie is becoming the reason for movie lovers to watch Magadheera again and again.
5. Chiranjeevi cinema craze: Chiranjeevi might have got a setback in political arena. But the craze and his following among movie lovers hasnít diminished a bit. And Magadheeraís openings are a testament to it.
6. No good film in last six months: No good film in Telugu with nice production values was released after Arundhati film. Hence Telugu movie lovers are desperate to watch a good movie. Magadheera satisfied their hunger.

Magadheera has crossed 80% of Telugu film records by now and is going to finish the task and become the unanimous industry hit in a week or two. In the annals of Telugu cinema, Magadheera is going to be a mile stone and reference point for record-breaking industry hit.

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