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Home > Updates > Records > Magadheera to collect 60+ crores?

Magadheera to collect 60+ crores
Magadheera is all set to collect a recording breaking share of 60 crores in the total run, as per the trade reports pouring in from all the centers. As per the sources, Pokiri was the film that created industry record in the past and it is said to have collected over 40 crores in the total run.

Magadheera film was released with unanimous sensational hit talk on the day one and despite of being the biggest release with maximum number of prints in maximum number of screens, it is going housefuls all over the state even on the fifth day. And the trade experts are seeing no drop on revenues in the coming weeks as the movie lovers are waiting for a grand extravaganza after Sankranthi hit Arundhati. And Magadheera is proving to be the movie which Telugu film lovers have been asking for all this while.

Ram Charan Teja took off from where Chiranjeevi left the film industry. And the frenzy and craze for Magadheera movie is double that of Chiranjeevi’s Indra and Tagore in the recent past. Magadheera is being embraced by every movie lover without any (a, b, c, d or multiplex) center bias.

For example, in a territory like Guntur Pokiri collected a share of 1 crore in 15 days (which was an unbeatable record at that time). Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa collected a share of 1.16 crores in 1 week and Magadheera amassed a share of 1.16 crores in 3 days.

In a place like Kadapa, Arundhati holds the record for collecting the highest share. And Magadheera movie is going to cross that entire share in the first week itself.

Magadheera was released in 14 screens of Vijayawada city. It created another record in INOX multiplex by playing all five shows in all three screens on day one by collecting record breaking houseful revenues.

Magadheera was released with 101 prints in Nizam and collected a share of 4.5 crores in four days. On the day one itself, it collected 2 crores. Magadheera will collect a share of 7 crores in Nizam in first week itself.

Magadheera is expected to collect around 20 crores of share in the first week itself.

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