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Home > Updates > Records > Magadheera - 1.50Cr share in Vizag town

Magadheera - 1.50Cr share in Vizag town

Magadheera collected a huge share of 1.5 crores in the vizag city and surroundings. It crossed previous highest share of 1.16 crore share of Pokiri for 175 days with a huge margin. In Vizag town only 3 movies crossed one crore share mark. Apart from Magadheera 1.5 Cr Share (As of now), Pokiri 1.6 Cr and Jalsa 1.09 Cr got this feet. Trade pundits expects Magadheera to collect any where between 1.8 to 1.9 crores in the long run. Even after 50 days of run Magadheera is running with packed houses in Vizag town (thanks to the dussera holidays and the recent movies that did released during last one month bombed at the box office).

Another record is magadheera ran for 50 days in two theatres each at Gajuwaka and Gopalapatnam a record for any other hero to break.


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