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SDZB highest business in Tollywood
Megastar Chiranjeevi latest movie Shankar Dada Zindabad is expected to release on 20th of July 2007. SDZB is doing roaring business in-spite of not having publicity glitz. First time in the history of Indian cinema, a movie business was closed (except overseas) with out even showcasing the photo album to the potential distributors. That it self shows the volume of confidence of the distributors for Megastar Chiranjeevi movies in business circles.
SDZB has done a business of more than 35 crores and it is a record in Andhra Pradesh. Below is the table for the same
S.No Area Amount (in rupees)
1 Nizam 8.4 
2 Ceeded 5.4 
3 UA, Guntur & Krishna areas 7.5
4 West 1.85
5 East Own Release  thru Geetha Distributors
6 Nellore 1.01
7 Karnataka 1.7
8 Tamil Nadu 0.31
9 Orissa 0.35
10 Others (Maharastra, Delhi etc) 0.3 (yet to sell)
11 Overseas (with out DVD) 1.7 + (expected )
12 Audio Rights 1.1
13 Satellite rights 2.5 +
14 Overseas + Domestic VHS 1.0+
Total   Nearly 35 crores

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