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Agni Netramu, Ugra Jwala dachina O' Rudruda
Agni Shikhalanu Gundelona Anachina O' Suryuda
Parashvadamunu Chetha boonina Parashuramuni Amshama
Himsananachaga Dhwamsa rachana chesina acharyuda
Mannem Veerudu Ramaraju Dhanushchankalaniva
Bhagath Singh kadasari palikina Inquilab Shabdaniva

Goes the description of Tagore in the national award winning suddala Ashok Teja song Nenu Saitham. And he describes Tagore character very aptly in that highly emotional song. Chiranjeevi sensational industry hit film Tagore brings life, cheers and ever-booming confidence not only to his loyal fans but also to the sagging morale of Tollywood. presents TAGORE EXPERIENCE to its audience deeply felt from within a FAN HEART, a HEART which was overwhelming with joy, yelling with praise and filled with PRIDE seeing its FAVORITE HERO perform his unique trade-mark acting, never-before dance sequences and an unparalleled saga of emotions and fights neatly interwoven into that masterpiece.

Tagore, a movie released sometime in 2003 after Industry number one hit INDRA. With sky-high expectations the moviemakers took all precautions engaging the best of the tinsel town for this project. The ever-reliable Paruchuri brothers were roped in to write the dialogues; Chota K Naidu was given the charge for cinematography, Lawrence Raghava and raju Sundaram for dance direction, melody Brahma Manisharma for music and the emerging director V.V.Vinayak were in charge of the technical departments. Their hard work and dedication along with the ever-increasing CHARISMA of the MEGASTAR generated industry hit talk right on day one.

The star cast was fair. Sizzling Shreya in that Samaja Sevaki Devaki role generated a bit of comedy in the movie. The scenes where she tries to remove the posters in the theatre, the scene where she pretends that she is in love with Sunil, the scene where she knows that Tagore is the head of ACF and the scene where she sees chiranjeevi going to the court were all well pasteurized. Sabitha Reddy dubbing suited her to the tee. Jyothika, in a brief role as Tagore wife was effective. The pelli-choopula scene, the diwali dance bit were highlights in her role. Sunil, as Tagore cook and the only comedian in the movie managed to evoke whistles and uncontrollable laughter when he imitated the famous veena-step of Chiranjeevi. The other cast in the movie Kota Srinivas Rao, Ramaprabha, M.S.Narayana, Jeeva, Puneet Issar acted well for their roles. All these actors apart, who has the capacity to drag the audience to the theatre from America to Amudalavalasa and makes them stand in those long queues waiting for that coveted ticket,  MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI, of course.

Megastar Chiranjeevi, in that peaceful and powerful role of TAGORE brings life to the movie and satiates the sky-high expectations of the audience in general and FANS in particular with his one and only way of action, dances and fights. Chiranjeevi brilliant portrayal of a professor who believes in teamwork to eradicate the evil of bribery would stand in the annals of the history of Telugu movie as a masterpiece forever. His composed demeanor, responsibility mindedness, talk with the eyes attitude and subtle humor created an impression that Chiru was living in that role not just acting. Needless to say, his EFFECTIVENESS in fights and EASE in dances are number uno not only in tollywood but also in the whole of Indian Film Industry.

With Tagore declared a mega hit on day one by leading newspapers like Vaartha etc, the collections of this movie are bound to be huge judged by any standards. But collections apart, the satisfaction of his FANS, the appreciation of the media and the festive mood in the film industry in general would take Tagore to new heights.


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