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Home   > Panjaa movie hungama & Live updates from South Africa- Worlds first premier show

Panjaa movie hungama & Live updates from South Africa- Worlds first premier show

3.41 AM:  Jackie kidnaps the heroine and Pawan kills all the goons & baddies and there ends the movie.  Panjaa title song is missing and is screening after the movie over. Songs were ended abruptly. Pawan's performance is awesome.

3.18 AM:  Pawan shares his flash back (child hood days) to sara jain and how he landed at Jackie. As per our source at South Africa this movie is more gripping and entertaining at second half when compared to first half. Stay glued at for more updates. LIVE Exclusive for

3.11 AM:  Another important character in the movie scarifies life. this is a twist.

3.08 AM:  Paparayudu song is awesome and brings cheers to the fans and all other people. Veyyira song is abrupyly ended in 2 minutes and anukokundaa song in less than one minute, there seems to be some problem, need to check with other distributors about the movie.

3.03 AM:  Paparayudu song is going on after the sambasivudu episode. Pls bear with us as we are not disclose the story. 

3.00 AM:  Pawan Kalyan fights with the Sambasivudu character who is a baddie in the movie. because of this guy the heroine goes to Kolkata. The fights in the movie are extraordinary and one expects good mass elements in the movie.  .

2.50 AM:  Jackie shoroff destroys pawan's garden and finds the where about of PK and beats the brother of Sarajain to know about PAWAN. It was interesting though.

2.470 AM:   Pawan Kalyan goes to sara jain villege. Subbaraju is a brother of sarajain and anukoledu song is going on.

2.40 AM:   Overall people enjoyed the movie in the first half. There are a little bit slow moments in the movie and it is OK as the story is based on the Mafia back ground. All classic/melodious songs were over in the first half and second half expected to pick up. stay tuned at We have got good positie report of the movie at Hyd for preview show at Prasad labs.

2.35 AM:   Pawan Kalyan enters to a PALASA and brahmanandam is a police officer and drunkard.  There seems to be some hilarious comedy scenes between Pawan and Brahmi

2.30 AM:   The delay in loading print is causing problems. it is delaying further more and producer Shobhu Yarlagadda called the distributors and inquired about the feedback of the first half. So far every one is satisfied and more than happy with the movie. The second half will start in 5 minutes time. On the other hand the special show to Megastar Chiranjeevi is over and Pawan fans are happy with the movie and performance.

2.00 AM:   There was a slight delay in the second half as the digital print is having some problem in loading at the theatre.

1.35 AM:   Interval is over. We are not disclosing some important scenes in the movie as it dilute the seriousness and also reveals the plot of the movie. Overall the first half is good and the story is upto mark. We have to wait and see the second half to predict the range of the movie.

1.20 AM:   Pawan Kalyan kills the Adavi sheshu(son of jackie) as seshu kills the child hood friend of pawan.Pawan has taken revenge and he is leaving calcutta and mafia back ground and going to villege this is a interval block.

So far every thing good and entertaining. Stay tuned for more updates

1.00 AM:  Pawan kalyan is having a difference with Jackie sharoof over one of the team member of mafia regarding a killing. This is a crucial of the total story and pawan confronts with Jackie

12.50 PM:  Elaa elaa song is going on now. 

12.40 PM:  sara jain enters. she applied for a job at pawan kalyan plants nursery. Pawan asked her how to maintain this nursery Then the song is kshnam kshanam us a 2 minutes song bit..  pawan and anjali are both orphans. They knew each other since since childhoods and Anjali loves Pawan and he denies to anjali.

12.35 PM:  sara jain enters. she applied for a job at pawan kalyan plants nursery. Pawan asked her how to maintain this nursery Then she sings the song kshnam kshnam song.

12.20 PM:  Pawan Kalyan gaves  warning to another don. Anjali lavanya(chandini) is singing the veyira cheyiveyara song in the club.  Pawan enters into the set after the song is over.

12.10 PM:  Don Jackie sharrof son Adavi sheshi is also a don. The rival gang is planning for the assassination of the of Advai seshu whos is the son of Jackie. Villains  are firing at a car thinking that adavi sheshu in the car, but the car explodes and Pawan came from another corner and attacks  the villain gang. Pawan fights with the gang. 

12.00 PM:  Movie started now and the titles are rolling. Huge appalus when pawan kalyan name appears on the screens. Stay glued on this site for more updates provides the live updates of the PANJAAA hungama from South Africa. The movie's first premiere is screened at South Africa. We provide highlights of the movie and other information.

We are not going to give the story line, but gives updates about the joyful moments of the PAWAN's PANJAA at the box office. Stay glued to this space for more exciting news. The updates starts at 11PM IST on 8th Dec, 2011.


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