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Renu, says she's happy and content with the hero 'Pawan'

In an honest heart-to-heart talk, Renu bares her heart and talks about the hero in her life. Radiating pride and happiness, she says her story is a straight lift from the dreams that are woven on celluloid. A former actress, she chucked her career for Kalyan and today has her hands full running her house, changing diapers, planning a chat show on TV and being there for Kalyan.. Talking about her career she says, "I do miss my career but when you find the right person, everything takes a backseat. Everyone has their own priorities and they are right in their own way. For me Kalyan is important. I was 18 when I met him, 19 when I decided to give up work." Her eyes glow when she talks of him, giving an impression that it is indeed very reassuring to be in a relationship. "He has brought a lot of meaning into my life and I look forward to spending each day with him. There has been a lot of understanding and lot of patience in his company. You discover yourself better in a relationship, because you have another person to reflect you." So how has it been working with Kalyan? "I know him better because I work with him. When you work with someone, there is a sense of completeness. In most relationships, you know a person only for a certain amount of time. But when you are working and living in, you know the person in and out."

She has been his co-star, girlfriend and now, a mother to his child. Which has been the most fulfilling phase so far? "I have enjoyed every moment with him. Every relationship has its pros and cons. Being an actress, I had the advantage of earning my own income and being famous. In a relationship, you have the advantage of having a person in your life. The disadvantage is you are bound. You can't do certain things that you would have done if you were single. Being a mother, you don't have the advantage of sleep, but you

are more responsible. I have enjoyed every phase - being single, being in a relationship, and as a mother. I have given 100 percent to this relationship and I am very happy and content."

Having said that, you are tempted to ask Renu that all-important question: Are they waiting patiently for family approval? "Initially, you have dreams and hopes. And with them comes patience. As time progresses, you live the relationship and reach a stage of self-contentment in which it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you anymore. I used to wait for family approval but not anymore. I do care what society thinks of me but it doesn't matter. At the end of the day it is this person I have to go back to. He is the one who makes the most difference to my thoughts, my moods and any decision I take in my life. He is there for me. If he understands me and accepts me... the rest shouldn't matter."  

Courtesy : The Hindu dated 2005/01/11

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