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What people of Hyd say about Magadheera!

The talk of the town right now is ‘Magadheera’ and everyone has kept aside politics and other issues. With the film hitting the screens, there have been various reactions coming across from different parts of the audience. The film has been creating a lot of waves around all centers that is has released and this is one of those rare times when the hype also meets the real thing. So we tried to gather few feelers from folks who have seen the film and there have been few interesting observations.

While the educated masses said that they liked the action, graphics and 3D animation they also maintained that it is good to see something like this happening in the Telugu circuit.

However, they also said that most bits were taken from Hollywood blockbusters like ‘300’ ‘The Myth’ ‘Gladiator’ so they have seen it before. On the other hand, the regular audience said that they were impressed with the sound, music, camera work, art work and it was really exhilarating to see such heavy technical works going for a Telugu film.

"The scenes were coiped from Myth and Gladiator. Hence we couldn't see anything new. But I liked the attempt on Telugu screen. Sound and Camera work are marvelous", said Sirisha, a BTech student at Prasad's Multiplex.

Those who are not technical said that they were floored by the sex appeal of Kajal and her attire as princess surely gave them sleepless nights, they confessed. They were also praises for Ramcharan's grace and his majesty and added that he has worked real hard for this movie so he should be given the due credit. The mass audience was keen on talking about Srihari's hilarious role in the second half and said that his role should have been given some more length. On the flip side, Suresh, an IT professional said that the film is not much to the hype that was created and added that some sequences, the graphics looked obvious and that kind of hampered the impact.

"I liked Srihari-Ram Charan part both in past and present. That's hilarious. And Ram Charan's fight with 100 is really wonderful. And the one I liked the most is Udaigadh graphics and Art work", said Raghoththam, a businessman.

On the other hand, Aparna, a Chartered Accountant said, "A few scenes are funny and disturbing the emotion. Dev Gill asks Ram Charan in second half, "neeku kooda telisipoyindaa..." regarding past birth. That is childish and the serious tempo was lost and we have started laughing. And a few graphics are artificial and insipid".

So far, ‘Magadheera’ has been going strong at all centers and many are hoping to see a new blockbuster in the making. There are also those curious folks who are waiting to see if this can take ‘Arundhati’ or for that matter ‘Pokiri’. This should be interesting.                                                         


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