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Open Letter to Bunny from Priya - New York

Hi Bunny…

My name is Priya alias Chinny from NY. I am writing this email to let you know that I am extremely thankful/impressed for your genuine gestures. I always watch your films because of entertainment, music, and of course for your dance. I've never noticed how different you are from other celebrities until I read your interviews. I was reading one of your interviews that you gave out on your birthday and I was amazed on your part on "giving back" to the society. Since then, I have researched you on every single possible website from google to youtube!!! I live in NY and it really bothers me when my co-workers ridicule India that " It is number one in outsourcing yet 80% of the country is poor". Whenever they state this, I literally go speechless because I really couldn't answer that. I've also read an article, India the Superpower? Think again  on which also states the facts about India in regards to the diseases, poor, etc. The last time I've been to India was in 2000.

I moved to USA when I was 12. I know that there is a huge disparity among the middleclass and the poor. Esp. the rich being rich, middle class becoming richer but the poor being poor. Its sad that there are so many celebrities in AP but pays very little attention towards the social causes. This email is to let you know that I am thankful that there are atleast few celebrities like you and chiranjeevi who "walks the talk" instead of "talks the talk". I am not sure if you've already set-up/co-sponsor a foundation where we can donate respective amount to the people with disabilities or whoever needs help!!!. My sincere request is.... please let us know if you plan to indulge into such activities in future. I've always see your movies because of its content but now, i will start watching your movies because of YOU. You've really proved to be a real-hero. To encourage more people in AP to volunteer in helping the poor, we truly need a celebrity who has an appeal such as yourself. I am glad that your using your celebrity status to help the community, to make it a better place. I don't think I've heard of any other telugu celebrity who happens to donate the money that he/she receives through endorsements to the community.   Based on my instincts, I can describe you as Cool, Lovable, Practical, and most importantly, Workaholic….telugu lo okka word lo chappalante…”pokiri” lol. I truly support you in terms of your endeavors. Its funny because you’re the only the celebrity that I am writing emails to and someone that I truly admire personally, whom I've never seen/met. Ni laga AP lo andaru help cheste “helpless” ane valle undaru kada. 

The most absurd part about this is that I don’t even know if you will ever read this email. Whatever the case is, I really believe in destiny. If it’s destined, you will definitely hear out my appreciation. I really hope you succeed in achieving your goals professionally and personally. By the way, "Who moved my Cheese" by Dr. Spenser Johnson is a great book on Flexibility/adapting to different environments. I look forward to your next movie with the director, Bhaskar.

Nuvvu society lo oka example set chestavani... ninnu istapade lakshalaadi ammayi lalo

Oka ammayi


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