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Pawan a Rebel without a Pause

He is the most misunderstood man in the Telugu film industry. But there is no denying Kalyan's star power. The actor commands a formidable following here and overseas, if trade and box-office results are to be believed.

Hated and loved by those who care to react, Kalyan has gossip rags work overtime fishing out juicy tit-bits from his personal life . He is no more called Chiranjeevi's kid brother, he is on his own and producers swear that he is one of the Telugu cinema's hottest selling stars. He claims he is a very normal person and cannot understand why he has become media's favorite whipping boy. At his huge fortress like home, a relaxed Pawan Kalyan allows us a peep into his personal life.

The real person: Everyone says I'm different. Maybe yes, but I'm not bad. I haven't harmed anyone. I have this strong streak of individuality. I have a mind and I speak my heart out. The word diplomacy doesn't exist in my dictionary. Diplomacy kills a person. I am a socially conscious person and my films vouch for that. I'm very clear about myself and you will never find any shades of grey in my thoughts or actions. But I don't know why people misunderstand me. If I were to die now, I'd go with a sense of fulfillment and without regrets.

On media: They have every reason to misinterpret me. They write a lot about me. What have I done? I was completely down after Johnny. What I thought of Johnny and what got translated on screen was very different. I compensated the distributors' loss. I have always shared the loss and no one talks about it. I'm yet to repay the

loan for this house. Nevertheless, I'm a very content person and I never felt I should use media to justify my actions. I'm not guilty.

On his films: When I take up a project, I make sure that I do full justice to it. If a particular thing is necessary for a film I will go to any extent to get that done. For example, in Tholi Prema the director wanted the set of Taj Mahal to be erected. But the producer said he didn't have the budget. The director said it would make a difference and I said I was ready to part with my share of money. As an actor I seek quality and perfection.

I know my limitations as an actor. I will sign a film only when I know I can deliver the goods. I work hard and live only for the present. Strangely, I have never pondered on the past or the future.

My father never gave me anything. I too will do my bit for my family but one has to work hard to hold it, be it a property, name or a legacy.

On his life partner: She is a very straightforward and an open person. We share the same interests - be it food or books. It is important to connect with a person.

But again it doesn't mean there are no rough patches in this journey. Love just happens. It is not necessary it should click. For me it is very important to fall in love with the person every day. Every morning I should see a new facet of her personality being unfolded. It was not love at first sight. We got to know each other gradually.

Renu stood by me when I was completely down. I fell in love with her. She has supported me on every aspect, gave me confidence. I see in her a companion for life.

I've never known a woman's mind before. What I know about women is limited to my sisters. We do have our share of disagreements but then it is she who takes most of my nonsense.

It is wrong when people say she interferes with my work. A lot of people here in this industry are very opinionated and prejudiced.

At one point of time they wanted to steer my life too.

On his relationship with god: I've always believed in god. As I grew up, there were many questions on my mind. I traveled, met gurus, was into meditation, reiki, pranic healing, Art of Living, but I never found the answers. But suddenly one day I felt I needn't search any more I now believe in living life to the best of my ability and to the fullest.

Like a dream PAWAN KALYAN has always been the delight of page 3, be it his relationship with the press or with his women. The masquerade of the make-believe world, constant pressure of the spotlight, an unhappy marriage - he is been through it all like any normal person despite being vastly underrated by his detractors. And now, after many years of keeping things under wraps, the actor has defied conventions and stood by Renu Desai, his lady love. On the personal front, Akki, their bundle of joy has given them glorious and rewarding moments in life.

Courtesy : The Hindu

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