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Home > Updates > Articles > PRP report to Justice Shri Krishna Committee


PRP report to Justice Shri Krishna Committee

   1. Preamble

   2. Executive Summary

   3. Telangana demand -Misinformation campaign & The Truth Behind

       3.1 People of Telangana were not in favor of Merger with Andhra

       3.2 Fazal Ali Commission was against Merger

       3.3 Gentlemen’s agreement was violated from day one

       3.4 Telangana Employment opportunities usurped by Andhra

       3.5 Telangana Culture derided

       3.6 Telangana Politicians suppressed

       3.7 Telangana Only Solution

    4. Chronology of Regionalism & Unity

       4.1 Telangana Movement 1969

       4.2 Jai Andhra Movement 1972

       4.3 Telugu Unity & Emergence of NTR

       4.4 Telangana Rashtra Samithi (2001-2009)

       4.5 Movement for United Andhra Pradesh – Post 9 th Dec’2009

   5.  Development 1956-2009 / Economic Perspective

   6.  Hyderabad – Present day Status

   7.  Demands for Statehood within Andhra Pradesh

   8.  What is the National Policy on Smaller states?

   9.  National Integration & Security Perspective

   10. Telangana Social Perspective

   11. Relevance of Tdemand Post liberalization/Globalization

   12. Telangana Historic & Cultural perspective

   13. Conclusion



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