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Dada doing Gandhigiri

It is time for Gandhigiri inTelugu too as the sequel to the rollicking  Loughton Shankar Dada MBBS with the irresistible Chiranjeevi at the helm is all ready to hit the screens. Shankar Dada showcased brilliantly the comedy sense and a nuanced sensitivity of Chiranjeevi as a likable don ShankarDada.

Along with his sidekick ATM, played with agreeable restraint by Srikanth, the duo won over the masses with their impish and innocent world view.

The duo will be back in action, but this time giving them company (in a larger sense) would be the Father of the Nation. With Gandhiji for company, the duo set out on a voyage of discovery that leads them to their inner sanctum — that is their heart. This is Gandhigiri at its best. The Hindi original acquired a cult status, and there is no doubt that the Telugu remake too is well on its way.

Getting across Gandhigiri in his inimitable way will be Chiranjeevi. In a sense, this role is tailor made for him as it combines mass appeal and also holds scope for his larger goal of telling something meaningful for the public.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, who is coming fresh after the success of the Tamil remake of Pokkiri, ShankarDada Zindabad promises to the cap the summer releases with fun as well as fervor.

Karishma Kotak, who caught the nation’s eye as the Kingfisher girl, plays the heroine. She plays the character that VidyaBalan did in the Hindi original. Sadha plays the cute and cuddly role that Dia Mirza did. Sayaji Shinde does the role that Boman Irani played in the original and Raja handles the role that Jimmy Shergill did in the original.

 Dilip Prabhavalkar dons the role of Mahatma Gandhi. The quiet attraction of the movie is a dance sequence canned on Chiru’s brother Pawan Kalyan.

Prabhu Deva says it was pleasure to work with such a wonderful team. Chiru garu is a legend in the industry and directing was a privilege, he points out.

Srikanth, who is a fan of Chiru, says that they had great fun acting together. ‘It was such a learning experience’.

Karishma, the svelte lass, is thrilled that her first exposure itself is with a big legend of the industry. Sadha is happy that her role has shaped up so well that it would be a landmark in her career.

Devi Sri Prasad, who tuned in some interesting melodies for Shankar Dada MBBS, has attempted something novel and is said to have pulled it off.

Produced under the Gemini Film Circuit banner by Ravishankar and Gemini Kiran, the film has created huge expectations. The movie has all the talk of being a big blockbuster.

The film is expected for a release on July 24.

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Karishma Kothak Srikanth, Sadha, Sayaji Shinde, Raja, PawanKalyan (SA)

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Producer: Ravishankar andGemini Kiran

Direction: Prabhu Deva

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