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Anjani Putra Chiranjeevi Praja Seva Sangham, a fan club in Vijayanagaram Town has built a long credentials in a short span of time. This fan club is started by a Chiranjeevi Fan Mr Ramakrishna with the help of some of his friends and registered this association with Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha on Nov 2006. In less than 6 months time this association has conducted more than 8 social service programmers in around Vijayanagaram Town.

We at want to highlight some of the wonderful work done by APCPSS.

Mr Ramakrishna of Anjani Putra Chiranjeevi Praja Seva Sangham can be reached at and his mobile number is 09949296661. So friends who ever wanted to be in touch with Ramakrishna in UA area can reach him thru this contact info.

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Note: Please send all your social service activities along with Photographs to We will publish them.

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