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Allu Aravind is back to PRP politics

PRP ex-general secretary and famous producer of Telugu Film Industry, Brother-in-law of PRP president Chiranjeevi, Sri Allu Arvind appointed as General Secretary of the party. Today at a press note released by the Party President, Arvind was appointed. Small changes have been done in the committees. Arvind will occupy the position of Buragadda Vedavyas and vedavyas appointed as a member in Political affairs committee. Telangana Leader and  ardent fan of Chiranjeevi Mr Ramesh Naik of Nalgonda appointed as official spokes person.

Mr Arvind played an important and instrumental role in the PRP politics before the elections, and after the party debacle performance in the recent assembly elections 2009, he resigned from the party. Arvind played a vital role in the recently held plenary at Visakhapatnam.  Arvind is a hard worker and he is a good administrator. Let us hope that he will strengthen the party at the root level.



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