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Home   > Updates  > News  >  Kotagiri and Goutham speaks about SEZ policies

                                              PRPís SEZ policies

At SEZ Kotagiri Vidyadar Rao, Gowtham answered to many questions on How PRP will be solving the SEZ Problems. Experts from the chat are as follows.

Kotagiri said that this SEZ is formalized during TDP regime in 2001. This is conceptualized to be Green park for first time in World, to encourage companies to manufacture the bio-degrading products to facilitate green environment. But the original concept is tweaked for Pharma industries, presently turned out to be Gold mine for realtors.

The Pharma manufacturing that is currently going on will pollute even the underground water. Rs 18,000 to 40,000 is given to people, no alternate accommodation is provided to people. One Old man lost 12 acres and he is reduced to compensation package of Rs 200 pension per month. Totally there are 720 families directly affected by this SEZ, they lost the lands (Minimum of 1000 acres is taken back by Government from people), no package is implemented effectively for the disposed off families who lost lands.

Kotagiri said that PRP is not against SEZ but against the way its implemented. We are planning to give some reasonable and meaningful compensation for the disposed. The Government Ďs APIC should formulate ways to facilitate the industrialization, But instead made resaleís for huge profits in name of SEZís. APIC is acting as a Business company. Government should return ľ current value back to original people who lost lands, look for viable solutions. Currently Government is procuring lands in name of SEZ and SEZ LAW. Its taking way for nominal price from people and Then reselling it to Companies for Huge sums, So itís quite natural for poor people to feel cheated.

He said that government should give reasonable money back to sufferers. SEZ are to facilitate manufacturing companies like in South eastern countries, But they are developing as Service industry to improve as real-estate business.

Prajarajyam will encourage SEZ for generating manufacturing industry and foreign exchange and Indian economy . But on by name of SEZ if real estate is solely grooming. PRP are against. Always direct value addition is to be considered. But currently there is no value addition, but exploitation of people and LAW.

Gowtham merged his Mahajanparty in PRP said that SEZ are not developing the people involved, but by name of people its developing the middle man. He said that PRP is not for politicalization of SEZ and encourage press to talk to the people to know the reality for themselves. He said that with Chiruís visit, Chiru wants the entire country to understand the people. Chiru is here too openly disposing the problem.

Chiru Said that PRP will definitely solve the problem when it comes to power and even challenged that Government can come open and solve the problem to show its intent. (Gowtham said that Maharastra State conducted a referendum with people by poll . People rejected SEZ way of reality business. The SEZ policy is reevaluated.)

Chiranjeevi said that Prajarajyam will bring justice to all disposed who lost lands, lively hood in name of SEZís. Chiranjeevi said that PRP will critically re-evaluate policies, Laws of SEZ . Prajarajyam will implement SEZ in real sense to encourage the manufacturing sector, industrial development for improving the Country economy,Creation of jobs, but without creating problems to people.


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