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                 TRS Sitting leaders in favor of Prajarajyam , Questions TDP

At least five of the seven sitting TRS legislators and even the separate Telangana movement’s patriarch Prof Jaya Shankar are criticizing KCR's drift towards TDP. Most of them contend that if the TRS joins hands with the TDP, then there is a strong likelihood of the party losing out its cadre to the Prajarajyam.

“After holding talks with our cadre, I feel TRS and Prajarajyam have all the chips to emerge as the undisputed winners and the best alternative to both TDP and Congress,” said a TRS legislator.

With two legislators T Harish Rao and Etala Rajender announcing that the party was not averse to having a political tie-up with the TDP, provided it takes a pro-Telangana stance, the other legislators are in a dilemma.

One of them, on condition of anonymity, said, “How can KCR join hands with TDP when the latter is our main contender in Telangana. In Dommata constituency, Ramalinga Reddy and C Mutyam Reddy of TDP are bitter rivals, so are E Rajender and M Damodar Reddy in Kamalapur.

There are several other constituencies in Telangana where TRS is having a direct fight with TDP. Moreover, People do not trust Naidu anymore and even government employees are also not in a mood to forgive Naidu for the “harsh treatment” he meted out to them during his nine year rule. KCR came out of TDP accusing Naidu of being Telangana “drohi” (traitor) and therefore, any move to ally with Naidu will spell disaster for the party. Instead, he should look forward to joining hands with Prajarajayam as its chief Chiranjeevi’s visits to Siricilla and Polepalli proved to be crowed-pullers.


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