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Chiranjeevi's quick transformation from Actor to Politician

After his trips to Siricilla, Polepall and Gangadevapalli, Chiranjeevi has transformed himself into a true politician and is now able to speak on any issue with confidence Just three short visits to rural areas, Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi is a completely transformed man. From a naïve beginner in politics, he now looks like a true politician.

The initial tentativeness in his statements has gone and he is confidently speaking on any issue - be it fertilizer crisis, weavers’ suicides, special economic zones or even Indo-US nuclear deal. “He appears to be a lot more confident in his approach now. Even with regard to sensitive issues like Telangana, he is dealing in a more matured fashion,” a political analyst observed.

What could be the reason for his dramatic transformation in Chiranjeevi’s personality? “Well, direct interaction with people to have first hand knowledge about their problems will always broaden one’s perspective. That’s what has happened to Chiranjeevi. Instead of merely depending on the information fed by his advisors, Chiranjeevi decided to go people directly. His visit to Siricilla and interaction with weavers definitely helped him understand their problems. So is his visit to Polepally, where he directly heard from the people affected by Special Economic Zone about their plight. After his return from these two trips, Chiranjeevi has been behaving like a real politician,” the analyst said.

Even while dealing with the media, there has been a sea change in him in the last one month. In the first press conference on August 17, Chiranjeevi was very soft and polite with media persons, who were flooding him with a volley of questions. He looked very nervous and at times, confused at answering some critical questions. But in the latest press conference after his return from the two trips, Chiranjeevi appeared very aggressive not only answering the questions, but also in dealing with reporters. From an innocent face, Chiranjeevi was displaying various moods in his face, depending on the questions he was receiving from the media. Secondly, he was found addressing reporters in singular number (though some reporters felt it was disrespect towards them). He has also started identifying media persons regularly coming to press conferences and addressing them by their names.

And he answered all the questions with aplomb. The way he answered the question with regard to Chiranjeevi's opposition towards Indo-US nuclear deal shows how he transformed himself into a true politician. “Former President A P J Abdul Kalam might have supported the nuclear deal in its overall perspective. But he is not a politician to go into the nitty-gritty of each and every issue of the deal and make a comment. I, as a politician, can do that and demand that the Centre give more clarity on the deal to the people,” he said.

Political observers feel that the more Chiranjeevi goes into people, the more matured he would become in politics. “I am sure, by the end of his State-wide tour, the megastar would emerge as mega politician,” an analyst said.



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