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Home   > Updates  > News  > Prajarajyam plans for Chiru Radha Yatra

           Prajarajyam Scripting for another hit with Chirus AP state yatra

 The core committee met and discussed various options of Chiranjeeviís Rath yatra in A.P. Prajarajyam party has taken prestigiously about Chirajeeviís AP state rally, and to set it as a mile stone. All minute details from crowd management to Security and other aspects of CHIRUS AP Ratha Yathra were discussed. A draft vision document , detailed agenda for 2009 to 2014 is available internally for discussions.

The inputs from leaders who recently joined PRP from TDP, Cong and Other parties is taken to ensure that the Rally will be huge hit among the people. Some of the options discussed are to have Hyderabad as Centre and to have separate Yathras from Adilabad starting 26th Sep taking 3 districts at a Time. Local problems and sensitivities are charted out per district so that a specific solutions can become handy for Chiru to discuss them with leaders and giving messages to people during his meetings.

 Detailed reports on venues, places for Chiranjeevi to come out and greet people, Venues for localized meetings, Route plan to take at each place in towns are included in the draft plan for Rath yatra. The leaders to be contacted at town level, their strengths and responsibilities are charted out and screened for their loyalties.

The core committee and some important leaders who joined PRP were in touch with local leaders form all assembly segments to book guest houses, homes where Chiru can put up his stay during Ratha Yathra. Sources said Chiru wants to show his mass appeal to pull crowds to local venues through out state and to send strong message across that they are the winners and not looking for alliances.         


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