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                                  An Open Letter to one and all


I am watching the news and comments passing on Chiranjeevi and PRP in the recent times. When I looked at all of them I just got one point is common that Chiranjeevi is coming to politics only for power.

I did not understand what is wrong in that. Yes, Chiranjeevi is coming to the politics for Power. I am not sure what is the meaning of Power for current politicians? Here is the definition of Power that I knew.

"A junior doctor is working in a government hospital and wants to distribute medicine for free to the poor and needy. But he can not do as he is not having enough power to do so, for that he needs to approach an authority to give the permission or he has to convince who has the power."

"Every citizen of India is a police without an uniform, but the citizen has limitations to server the people. He doesn't have the same power as uniformed citizen. So he has to wait for someone who has the power to fulfill his wish to do good to the people"

In the same way Chiranjeevi has strong desire to server the people of all sectors.

     1.  Chiranjeevi is willing to improve the common man living standards
     2.  Chiranjeevi is determined to improve our life styles
     3.  Chiranjeevi is dreaming to make our Andhra Pradesh a better state.
     4.Chiranjeevi is working to eradicate corruption from TOP to BOTTOM.
     5. Chiranjeevi wants to bring lost smiles on everyone face

Chiranjeevi need a POWER to accomplish common man dream that is given only by Indian Constitution. That is why he joined in the mainstream politics. Many people are arguing Chiranjeevi can serve the people without coming to politics. Yes he can do the service but not 100% what people need.

Here I am giving you a small story.

"You are standing in a bus stop. A chain snatcher snatched a chain from a woman and running you caught him and surrenders him to the police station. Your job ends there. From then Police Inspector job starts. But, If that police inspector doesn't have the same determination as you to complete the justice to the victim or If that police inspector is influenced by any corrupted politician or If that police inspector doesn't have courage to face all hurdles to bring the justice

In any of above case will lead al your efforts in vein. Lets assume if you have a POWER to control all the above cases, then you can make sure to bring the justice to the victims.

So Chiranjeevi need the POWER, given by Indian constitution, to do a better service to the people. That power only be given by most powerful weapon called " VOTE". That's the reason why Chiranjeevi entered into the mainstream politics to get into the POWER to make people happy to lead their lives in a better way.

Coming to the comments or criticisms that are being targeted on Chiranjeevi. Everyone knows the validity of those comments/criticism. No need to give the response to those. It is kind of waste of time for everyone.

Everyone praised Chiranjeevi Eye and Blood bank services to the sky level till he officially announced his party. Once he officially announced the political party the same service praised by the same guys turned out to be nothing. What a quick U- Turn by our intelligent, self-centered guys?

Almost every big party in A.P. saying Chiranjeevi is not a threat to them. Then why they need to care about Chiranjeevi party and talk about it daily. There are 20 odd parties there in A.P. why these parties are not passing comments/criticism on them. This clearly indicates they are afraid of Praja Rajyam Party. No doubt in that.

To give the answer to those who says, Chiranjeevi doesn't know politics.

1.  Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know politics of passing personal comments on people.
2.   Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know politics of dirty and nonsense criticism
3    Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know politics of cruelty
4    Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know the politics of corruption.
5    Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know the politics of ditching his own people
6    Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know the politics of use and throw attitude
7    Yes, Chiranjeevi doesn't know the politics of selfishness and


Finally, Chiranjeevi doesn't know the politics of current politicians

For Chiranjeevi and his PRP politics means,

1.     To bring the healthy culture among the current politicians
2      To understand the problems from the root
3      To give permanent solutions to the problems
4      To understand people sentiment
5      To feel the pain from a common man perspective
6      To serve the people with humanity
7      To treat everyone equally
8      To bring social justice to all
9      To bring the happiness in every home
10    To bring back the past glory

Yes, It is very tough for people like Chiranjeevi to sustain with this materialistic and opportunistic world. But still with the same determination, hard work, self effort, and sincerity in heart Chiranjeevi can surely bring a CHANGE in current system what has brought the change in Telugu Film two decades ago.

Long live Praja Rajyam. Vote for Praja Rajyam

Yours truly,
-Common Man
-- Waiting to see Praja Rajyam Party's PRAJA PALANA.         


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