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                       Chiranjeevi's A. P Tour Planning in final stage

Megastar Chiranjeevi who has now got into the groove of formulating the manifesto and hierarchy of his Praja Rajyam party has announced that he is impressed with the Tamilnadu style of functioning in the parties when it comes to forming alliances. Chiru said that they would form an alliance depending on how it would benefit the state and its people instead of themselves. He stated that they would form alliance with centre in such a way that it should benefit State and National interests.

Chiru also started preparing route map of his tour which is likely to start from this month end . One day going in rounds is Oct 2 considering that itís Gandhi Jayanthi . In the mean time he wanted to establish coordinating committee.

Committee formation and a Co-ordination committee-
The committee could comprise of at least one hundred members. Among them, a three member group will be chosen as the representatives for that particular committee from Telangana, Rayala Seema and Andhra. They will be known as a co-ordination committee.

Finally, he stated that through background check would be done on those who are aspiring for posts in the party and has dropped curtains on a possible alliance with the Samajwadi Party.

Mean while itís learnt that excess of 20,000 people and fans are expected at each location unlike other parties during Chiru's AP tour. Pavan kalyan is formulating a security cover for challenges and security issues.


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