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More surprise visits on cards - Says Chiru

Praja Rajyam leader Chiranjeevi was at a loss for words when tragic tales of weavers unfolded before him during his surprise visit to the textile town of Sirisilla on Saturday. A few moments chiru turned emotional listening to the misery of people. The visit is the first obvious political act of the actor after launching his party a few weeks ago.

Chiru visited the houses of four weavers who committed suicide owing to debts. He appeared shaken and perturbed after wailing family members of G. Rajamouli, a deceased weaver, narrated the circumstances that led to his suicide. “Governments lacked resolve to solve your problems and your elected representatives failed you,” said Chiranjeevi. Though Sirisilla denotes Siri (wealth), you have been deprived of wealth. The Praja Rajyam will become your voice.”

This smart success with people, Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi has planned a few more surprise visits, the kind he made on Saturday by driving down to Sircilla for a first-hand look at the problems faced by weavers.

Sources said without disclosing details that his visit could be either to a social welfare hostel, a residential school, hospital or to a village where farmers were facing problems getting fertilizer.

Mr. Chiranjeevi is said to be keen on ensuring that his visits do not send out a wrong message about his party’s views on Andhra Pradesh as being either ‘integrationist or separatist”. It is likely that his next such surprise visit will be to a remote village in the Rayalaseema region, followed by another quick trip to some place in the coastal districts, most probably a flood-affected area.                     


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