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Sept 29th 2007, Hyderabad

Charan exclusive Interview

Unveiling Chiruta: Charan credits director Puri Jagannath and his team for Chiruta. “When I was entering the editing room to watch the rushes, I was apprehensive to see myself on screen. But I must say, the cinematography and the lighting make me look quite good,” he says with a glint in his eyes.

Chiruta, he says, “is a beautiful love story. I haven’t heard of such a story in recent times.” Charan gets his share of onscreen romance, dance and action sequences. “I insisted on doing the stunts myself. Perhaps I was too excited and took a few risks. I don’t think I’d do it in future. When you can do so much with technology, there’s no need to risk your life nowadays,” he shrugs.

First brush with the camera: Charan’s first few days of shooting were characterized by anxious moments. “After each shot, I used to ask Puri if my mannerisms or dialogue delivery were like my dad’s. He assured me that I had my distinctive style. In fact, he felt I resembled my uncle (Pawan) Kalyan in some scenes. Puri made me feel at home. He used to film 20 to 30 shots per day but it was never strenuous.”

Growing up in a film family: “I am a complete movie buff. I’ve grown up watching films – those of my father, uncle, other regional films and world cinema.” At home, there was no conscious effort to refrain him being exposed to the film industry. “I used to visit my father’s sets and in the recent years, I’ve spent a lot of time watching and discussing movies with my uncle,” says Charan.

The deciding factor: Charan was 15 when he zeroed in on movies. He recalls, “Dad knew I was going to be an actor but he wanted me to decide. I was passionate about cinema and didn’t want to miss out on something as interesting as acting. Dad was happy I made up my mind when I was just 15.”

Training days: Then began the grooming process. “I have an institution at home, so I didn’t feel the need to take up an acting course abroad. I’ve just done a basic four-month course in Mumbai. In addition, I went to London to learn different dance forms.” A conscious health and fitness routine followed: “I was a fairly ‘healthy’, chubby child,” laughs Charan. “I had to work on my fitness levels. I am a foodie but workout for at least an hour per day. While shooting in Thailand, I learnt Thai boxing. It’s a fabulous martial art.”

Looking up to dad: “Dad doesn’t believe in spoon-feeding but is willing to help when needed. I would turn to him for guidance every other day after I started shooting. In fact, if I need an honest feedback on my performance, I can count on dad. He will not flatter me. My biggest moment was when he appreciated my performance. My mother, on the other hand, was teary eyed watching me on screen.”

Films for the soul: Having enjoyed watching world cinema, Charan is keen on testing new waters. “Mainstream films are for bread and butter and films for the niche audience are for personal satisfaction. I’d love to strike a balance between both. In the 80s, even my father did different kinds of films.”

Media matters: Days before his first release, reports of a rift between Charan and his best friend Rana Daggubati have been doing the rounds. “Those reports are baseless. Rana and I have studied together in school and he’s one of my best friends. I am not the kind to be perturbed over media reports,” smiles Charan.

Nothing comes easy: His second film, to be produced by his uncle Allu Arvind, will go on floors soon. “Being a star son will help to get you a platform. Your success, though, depends on how talented you are. Nothing comes easy.”

No hype, please: Quiz him on the fairly low-key launch and he says it was a conscious decision. “Dad and I wanted it that way. Needlessly hyping up a film would mean digging our graves. We want the film to do the talking.”



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