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Upasana is more romantic than me, says Cherry

Upasana is more romantic than me, says Tollywood’s lover boy Ram Charan Tej, who is on a high since his engagement with his childhood sweetheart ‘Upsi‘

What’s it like to be almost married?
Though it’s been almost two weeks since the engagement, the feeling has just sunk in finally. It’s hard to articulate what is going on in my mind. All I can say is that it’s an incredible feeling. I’m very excited.

The post-engagement celebrations in Goa must have helped?
It was more of a close friends and family get-together than a bachelor party. We couldn’t really let our hair down and relax in Hyderabad, so we decided to go to Goa to spend some quality time and savor the occasion. We bonded over some good food and spent most of our time hanging out in the hotel. It was fun.

So when is the big day?
Well, I would rather let our parents make the formal announcement. All I can tell you is that it’ll happen early next year.

Will it happen in Hyderabad or Domakonda?
Domakonda is on top of the list, Upasana has been raving about getting married in Domakonda. But we have some concerns about logistical issues and arrangements for the guests. If things work out, that would be the venue. Or else, it could happen in Hyderabad. We will know by the end of this month. As of now, it looks like Hyderabad.

Decided on what you will be wearing for the wedding?
Not really, I haven’t decided on clothes or anything. I will do it only by the end of this month.

Any special preparations for the wedding?
Well, the girl’s family does most of the organizing, so Upsi will know better.

Is there anything you and Upasana are planning to do before being officially pronounced man and wife?
It’s the biggest event of our lives and with hardly two months left, we think it would be best to spend more time by ourselves than try to fit in all sorts of activities together. We have the rest of our lives to do all the things we want. So we are saving up everything for later.

Honeymoon must figure high on that list of things to do? Stars like NTR and Allu Arjun who got married this year, did not have time to go for a honeymoon?
We are still deciding on the places to visit, but we definitely want to go for our Honeymoon a couple of months after the wedding. I have promised Upasana that we will go on our honeymoon immediately after the wedding and hopefully it will happen simultaneously. Keeping my fingers crossed for now.

How are the two of you as a couple?
We are complete opposite as personalities. I think that’s the best thing about us. We are so different from each other that we never get bored of each other’s company. I am a reserved guy and need somebody to pep me up every day, Upsi does that job perfectly. She is very vivacious and outspoken, so we blend very well. We both love travelling and we have a thing for adventure. We love being outdoors and like to ride our own boat rather than being rowed by someone else.

Who is the more romantic of the two?
Upsi is definitely the more romantic of the two. I am more laidback. We do have our differences of opinion sometimes. Upsi is always the first one to break the ice after an argument or a difference of opinion. That’s what I love most about her.

In case of a difference of opinion, who has their way?
That depends; I think Upsi and I generally come to a mutual agreement.

Does Upasana advice you on your acting?
Not really. We do not talk about work much. We do watch films together, but besides that we don’t talk much about cinema.

Any list of things you’d want to do in the couple of months of bachelorhood?
The plan is to just try and finish as much work as possible, leaving nothing pending so that I can have a great time during the wedding week. Looks like it would be the toughest two months of my life, professionally.

You do have a lot of films on your plate too…
Oh yes. “Rachcha” is coming up. We will be done with the shooting by the end of this month, and it will hit the screens in the first week of February. I will start shooting for two films simultaneously; one with director VV Vinayak and another with Vamsi Paidipally, which Dil Raju is producing. I am doing a double role in VV Vinayak’s film, so the audiences will get see two of me. It is an action movie. The film with Vamsi is called “Yevadu”. It is an action-thriller, and also has a big suspense element in it.

All your contemporaries are doing Tamil films to expand their market are you thinking on those lines as well?
Yes, I am also looking to expand my market. In fact, my film “Rachcha” will be releasing simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam. We are also trying to explore the Karnataka

Any Bollywood plans?
Something should transpire by the end of the year. I have been in talks for a bit and will come up with a formal announcement once things get finalized. If everything falls in place, I should start working on it by late next year.

Also everyone seems to pumping iron for that chiseled frame, but you have shied away from taking off your shirt onscreen, any chance of that happening in the immediate future?
Not really. Every director I’ve worked with so far has asked me to strip for the audience. But I don’t see a reason as of now, may be if I come across a character that really requires me to take my shirt away, I will definitely, but as of now I am happy to have my shirt on.




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