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Sept 4th 2007, Hyderabad

Cherry's Chirutha movie details has been hearing many rumors and gossips about Chirutha movie by numerous websites. At this juncture we would like to clarify three things to the fans and well wishers of Charan. First ignore all these gossip monkers.

First thing is the re-shoot gossip, that is making rounds in some websites, there is no re-shoot that happened to the movie. Puri Jagan has submitted bounded script before March 2007 to the producer and, Since then there was not even a single scene change in the whole story board, except addition of the short duration Ali Character.

Second thing is Megastar Chiranjeevi never attended the shoot of the CHIRUTHA. So obviously there is no intervention b him in what so ever manner.

Third is, Chirutha shot for 140 days, out of which 120 days of Charan's work. 21 days out of this 140 days were planned for for climax shoot. Climax was shot by fight Master Vijayan at Bangkok and part of the mud fight that comes in climax fight was shot at Vikarabad forests.  Initially makers wanted to can the songs at Hyderabad, later they have decided to move to New Zealand. Puri Jagan generally works for 100 to 120 days for a movie, but for this movie he had to work for 140 days, just because he has got the most exciting opportunity of his career.

Another major confusion among the internet community is about the Chirutha release date. We are again confirming (from Producer and director) that Chirutha will release in the 4th week of Sept, either 21st or 26th. As of now not even a single person from the unit announced the tentative date of Chirutha release.

It was who broke the news of Sept 22nd release of Chirutha after confirming the same with Puri Jagan. 22nd being Saturday, which is not a good day for release of such massive movie, the makers are planning to go backward by a day Friday. Every one is working hard to release the movie on 21st Sept. Charan already completed 50% of the dubbing and rest of the dubbing will take another 5 days. On the other hand Puri Jagan has completed 80% of the editing work and climax fight editing is going on at Vaishno Academy office in Jubilee Hills, Hyd.

Manisharma completed recording work and near to completion of the balance re-recording. Manisharma is spell bound with the performance of Cherry and he openly said Puri Jagan strikes again with another silver jubilee film.

Tomorrow we will publish about Publicity aspect of Chirutha.

Stay tuned at for more updates of CHIRUTHA.



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