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Chiru speaks about Chirutha movie met with Megastar Chiranjeevi on the sets of Shankardada Zindabad on 30th June evening hours and had a chit-chat for more than 30 minutes. Megastar Chiranjeevi inquired about the progress of the site and was very much satisfied with the site progress. He also informed us that he do surf when ever he get some free time. We are very much delighted to hear the same from our own Mighty Megastar.

In the informal chat he mentioned that Cherry is working hard for Chirutha movie in Thailand and mentioned that climax of Chirutha is started from today and is expected to last for 3 weeks (climax shooting). After taking a short break puri left to Thailand last night and Chiranjeevi felt happy with the progress and content of Chirutha.

Chiranjeevi also informed us that the first interview of Cherry for Chirutha movie will be given to


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