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Chiru to direct his 150th movie?

Megastar Chiranjeevi confirmed his official re-entry into film industry with his 150th movie. Today at an informal meeting with press he said he will work 10 days a month for the movie starting Feb 2011. Though many mass directors and other directors willing to handle the megaphone of the Chiranjeevi 150th movie. heard a news that Chiranjeevi might direct the 150th movie. Probably he will have a good team of assistant directors and associate directors to assist him on the sets. Chiranjeevi has a dream of directing his 150th movie, but later he moved into politics and due to busy schedule in public life he can not think of fulfilling his dream

Now that his fans wanted him to re enter into the tinsel world, Chiranjeevi might chose an option of directing himself. As per unconfirmed sources story line is finalized and work is going on in full swing for the bounded script. If time permits Chiranjeevi will be handling the mega phone. Stay tuned at for more exciting news.



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