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Political analysts some months ago felt that it would a Herculean task for megastar Chiranjeevi to face the media when it come the matter of his political entry. Cracking such fallacies, the actor spoke with perfect ability as a potential politician, giving calculated answers mixed with witticism and humor. From the start to finish, at no point of time, Chiranjeevi felt embarrassed or minced for words. It was like a free flow. Following is the gist of Chiranjeeviís media interaction, touching on various important issues.

Farmersí Issue in the state
People think that I donít know anything about farmersí problems. You have only seen me as an actor for thirty years. But, what was I before becoming an actor, thirty years ago? I do come a very modest constable family. We had just five acres of land. As a student and whenever I reached my village, I used to become a farmer. A scientific study would be launched into their problems for effective troubleshooting.

Declaration of Assets
Already I made it known to the Income Tax department about my assets.

Is politics in state totally rotten? Any vacuum?
No. I donít think so. I strongly believe and perceive that people are in need of a constructive change. They are wholeheartedly inviting such a change. Yes, there is a big vacuum-like situation in the state. If not, why such a roaring response to my political entry in the state?

Who are your rivals? YSR or Chandrababu?
I donít have any rivals in politics. Those who have the capability and goodness are always fit to do politics. My rivals are poverty and hunger. From my heart of hearts I loath backwardness. The good is not reaching the public to the lowest level. Poor are becoming even poorer and rich, richer. I want to cement this growing gap.

Are you a Robinhood?
No, I am the livelihood of the poor and downtrodden people. Certainly, I will change the present scenario. Basic point of my agenda is Pro-Poor.

Any retirement from films?
All these thirty years, the film industry took me into her caring fold. How can I forget it? The very thought of separating from it is heart pinching to me. Whenever there is a need to do socially-relevant films, I shall do. This is also like public service. Such films should be highly respectful.

Placement for women in party
We all know that women constitute half of the sky. Though, we may not be giving fifty percent prominence, but we shall give highly appreciable place to them. It is women who are my major strength.

Political alliances
At present, we are not interested. Now, our movement is only with the people. If such a thing really comes, definitely we will consider and there is nothing wrong in it.

Who are your political gurus?
People are my gurus. They will decide me where we should stand.

Money is necessary to run a political party? What about you?
Yes. Money is very important for administering a political party. People will give that. People are my wealth. I will run the party with the Abhimanam of my people.

How many seats you are expecting?
I already said I am not for power or position. It is for the people to decide how many seats to give to me.

Your response to migrations of other party people into your party?
Yes. If there is any person who is politically experienced, holding the potential to inspire the youth, he is welcome for us.

Anything lacking in Babu and YSR governments?
It is not my concern. Coming to me, I wish to do things with a difference. It is most vital to me.



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