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AUG 23rd 2007, Hyderabad

Chirutha Audio review -Chirutha - Manisharma helps hero to get a 'distinction'

There are lots of expectations on 'Chirutha', the debut movie of Ram Charan Teja, son of Padma Bhushan, Mega Star, Dr Chiranjeevi, directed by versatile director Puri Jagannath and produced by C Aswanidutt on the banner of Vyjayanti Movies. It is well aware that music will play a key role for the success of any film. Once the audio is a hit, the film gets more than 50 per cent marks even before the release of the movie. Manisharma gave fantastic music for the movie. Though it appeared a couple of songs as routine they too has good musical values. Of the eight songs, two were bit songs and the remaining six are regular songs. The audio would be a definite chartbuster and even before making his appearance on the screen, Ram Charan Teja was able to secure good marks. Moreover, Manisharma gave good scope for showing the dancing talents in his tunes.

Yamaho Yama

Singer: Tippu
Lyricist: Sirivennela

The lyric start with a drumbeat and bass guitar bit. The song starts with a big mass tune. Tippu with his different voice mixed class and mass touch in rendering the song. After the first verse and the first stanza, Manisharma chose to used violin and key board, besides electric guitar. The first stanza, however, turned a little slow and continued the same theme of melody and mass beat mixed voice. After the first stanza, Manisharma gave a treat with continuous drumbeat coupled with violin which gives a good scope for the hero to show his dancing skills. In second stanza the humming is worth listening indicating that the song was shot with several dancers joining the hero in the song.

Love you raa…

Singer: Deepu, Rita
Lyricist: Ramajogaiah Sastry


This is a duet and the song starts with a folk hum. After a husky female voice, the male voice joins in a folk tune again, with western hum in the background. Coupled with drumbeat, Manisharma used electric guitar and key board with a bass guitar ending which joins a western hum. The first stanza starts with melody and continues for some time to turn youthful and ends with melody again. After the first stanza, Manisharma again chose drumbeat coupled with violin bits and mixed a hum in western style. The lyric joins in melody.


Singer: Karunya
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla



This is a routine commercial from Manisharma. The song starts with electric guitar, bass guitar and normal guitar tunes. After the first verse, the music director chose to go with routine commercial musical notes like drums and other instruments. There is not much to talk about the song, but for Karunya's melodious voice. Even in the second stanza there is nothing much novelty and it is also quite routine drumbeat in association with violin and key board.

Chamka Chamka

Singer: Ranjith, Gita Madhuri
Lyricist: Viswa


It seems the title song of the film. The film begins with a western tune and Manisharma in a bid to show variety used classical musical bits. The film has a good drumbeat in the backdrop to give it a mass colour. Surprisingly, Manisharma chose to use bass guitar in almost all the songs, besides keyboard. Giving by the way it was tuned, one could come to a conclusion that it was tuned with an idea of choreographing as a special song. After first stanza, the lyricist chose a rhyme (twinkle twinkle little star)… however, Manisharma continued the bit with a western hum. The lyricist chose the western hum to continue with Hindi and then in Telugu.

Maro Maro

Singer: Rahul Nambiar, Suchitra
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla


This is yet another fast beat song. The tune begins with a trumpet voice supported by drums. Manisharma used shehnoy for a variety. The drumbeat and the keyboard were freely used in the first stanza. At the same time, the keyboard player made an experiment with a different tune. After this the tune treaded the routine commercial path for some time. Now, Manisharma used the Jalatarangini kind of music and it followed by western humming just before the end of song.


Singer: Mallikarjun
Lyricist: Kandikonda



In fact this is a bit song which was tuned in a sorrowful mood. Mallikarjun rendered the song with utmost precision and filled the sadness in the song really. Those who listen to the song could experience the sadness from the song. It looks Manisharma used the vichitra veena or a similar tune on key board in the beginning. Light guitar string voice could be noticed in the backdrop all through the song.


Singer: Kay Kay, Sunitha
Lyricist: Kandikonda


The song was tuned in a western song style. The lyric is rich in English words. Though the beginning of the song was good, the entire song has no charming to enthral the mass audiences and reminded a routine commercial song. However, there was a perfect sync between the voices of Kay Kay and Sunitha and they rendered the song with utmost perfection and in a casual way without straining themselves. There is nothing much to talk about the music as was said earlier that it has a routine commercial tune.


Singer: Usha
Lyricist: Kandikonda


This is one more bit song in the film. Usha rendered this bit song. The voice is quite melodious. In this bit song also Manisharma used the similar tune and music given in the earlier bit song. The only difference is the singer. While the earlier one is a male voice, this song has a female voice.




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