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July 30th 2007, Hyderabad

Two members die in Stampede

It is happened again for Shankar Dada Zindabad. Chiranjeevi has taken lot of care for every release of his movie and he instructs the producers and distributors to release the movie in maximum number of theatres to avoid any of such stampede incidents. During previous massive releases also, many fans died because of the mad rush at theatre counters.

Couple of Chiranjeevi fans died at Cuddapah and Nellore on 27th of July. Venkatesh is a hardcore fan of Chiranjeevi who lives in Cuddapah and he is a driver by profession, got heart attack at the theatre when he is in the long queue to get the tickets. Fellow fans rescued him and while taken to the hospital he found dead. This is a sorrow incident.

Similar incident was happened even at Nellore, while a fan died in the stampede at the ticket counter queue on 27th morning at Archana theatre. The makers of the movie made arrangements to release the movie with highest number of prints and theatres to avoid such incidents, still we could not control these kind of incidents.

Cuddapah fans associations helped venkatesh family by giving Rs 10,000 as a immediate help. We may request all the megafans to respond and send the donations. Who ever is interested in sending some money to them, please write to us at . We will make sure that all your money will be reached them through official channels.

All our Megafans/Cherryfans condolences are with the deceased fans and may their soul rest in peace. 


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