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Dasari Narayana Rao ‘Best Actor’ Comedy

The Nandi awards have been announced and the biggest highlight of the event was the ‘best actor’ award. This was given away to the veteran Dasari Narayana Rao for his role in the film ‘Mestri’. Many are saying that this is the result of only lobbying in the Nandi awards committee.

It happened not just now but has been happening from many years. Ironically, till date even the veteran Mohan Babu has never got any Nandi award in all these years. Mohan Babu himself said this in an interview a couple of years ago.

With Dasari being awarded Nandi, it is looking like once again proved that it is lobbied. Due to this, even those who have genuinely deserved the awards and received them are also being looked at shadily.

So now, the incident of Dasari’s award has become more like a comedy than heartburn to many. Perhaps it is time for the concerned authorities to be careful at least the next time as nothing can be more disgraceful than giving away a prestigious state award to a totally undeserving person.

PS:- lot of lobbying for the best actor by dasari and also this award is given to mestri cinema, which has satires on Megastar Chiranjeevi and Prajarajyam Party. It was against the Mega family. Mega fans across the globe are criticizing and condemning the award selection process and questions jury's credibility.



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