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AUG 10th 2007, Hyderabad

Geetha Arts big budgeted movies

Geetha Arts is simultaneously doing two big budgeted movies in Hindi and Telugu and they are also having another 3 biggies in the pie line. The first one is Hindi remake of Tamil Blockbuster movie Ghajani. The cost of production for the Hindi Ghajani is whopping 45 crores and 1/3rd of the budget goes towards the remuneration of Hero Aamir Khan. AR Rahman is composing music for this movie.

Also second big movie is Pawan Kalyan's upcoming movie in the direction of Trivikram Srinivas. The Budget for this movie is anywhere around 20 crores. Also they have 3 more movies in the process and these 3 movies will have mega heroes Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun and Charan Tej in the lead roles. The total budget for all movies in the coming year is going to be 100+ crores and it is indeed a record for any south Indian film production house.

Allu Arvind is now in South Africa to oversee the film activities of Ghajani and famous telugu producer Tagore Madhu act as executive producer for Hindi Ghajani. C Nagaraju, a close associate is acting as executive producer for Pawan Trivikram movie. Kudo's to Allu Arvind for working on these simultaneous projects. 



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