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Karishma Kotak upset the SDZ schedule

Pitting a new heroine against mass heroes and big budgeted movies is always a risky take. It is sad to know that, this time the victim is none other than Shankar Dada Zindabad. Makers of the movie tried all best possible options to select a charming heroine for SDZ to play opposite to our Mighty Megastar. In this process they finally zeroed on Karishma Kotak and she entered into sets in the second schedule of the movie.

She has been given ample time to prepare her self to fit physically  as well psychologically for the Megastar Magnum opus movie Shankar Dada Zindabad. These model turn heroines normally does  perform well for songs and glamorous roles, but fails when it comes to perform and give right expressions in crucial scenes. Language is the main barrier for them and if it is not their mother language they will mess-up.

As every one is aware of the fact that, heroine had a major role to play in Shankar Dada Zindabad. In one of the crucial scene she had to utter a dialogue and she failed miserably as she has not prepared enough for the shot. Disappointed team had given 3 days time to her for the same scene, even after 3 days she again failed. Finally that scene was canned after a week time. Even Katrina Kaif also troubled the director for a dialogue in Malliswari movie.

Producer and Megastar are not compromising on the outcome of the shot and to get the right emotions they had to wait for more than a week.

Does these small minor hiccups will effect the release date of Shankar Dada Zindabad?. As per the current plan, SDZ may get delayed and in all probability it may release on 5th of July.



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