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Shankar Dada Zindabad @ Nizam Area

A new gossip floating around Film nagar about the business of the latest sensational upcoming movie of Megastar Shankar Dada Zindabad. As per the gossips floating, a new distribution office named Pyramid who bought Superstar Rajani's Sivaji for a mind blowing Price of 6 + crores in Nizam area offered 8 + crores to Shankar Dada Zindabad. Also along with Pyramid another famous Distributor also offered 8 crores to SDZ in Nizam Area.

At this juncture contacted the makers of the movie Gemini Kiran and confirmed first hand about the Gossips. They said they have got the offers and are evaluating the business proposals made by the two distributors. However, Gemini Film Circuit is not yet closed the business in Nizam area as they are also thinking about releasing the movie on their own. Gemini Film Circuit is releasing the movie in East Godavari area on their own thru Geetha Arts, a distribution office owned by Allu Aravind.

Stay tuned at for more reliable and first hand information. Our previous gossi about Z tele Films venturing into andhra Film Distribution is true and they are making a strong entry with SDZ in Guntur, Krishna and UA area. 



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