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Magadheera records at Multiplex in Hyd

Magadheera creating all time records in Hyderabad city. Released with 60+ theatres in City alone Magadheera collected a whopping 2.8 crores share for the first 3 days. In the opening day alone magadheera collected more than 1.5 crore rupees in the city.

Initially magadheera is released in one screen each in the city multiplexs. But due to the demand from the public all multiplex stopped screening of other movies and hired magadheera. Magadheera released in Prasadz, Cinemax, Inox, PVR, Big Cinemas and Talkietown. Magadheera's collections streak is continuing even on 4th day which is a working day. Magadheera is expected to collected a share of 8 crores for first week in Nizam territory.



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