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Home   > Updates  > News  > UFO digital cinema releases Magadheera in 70 screens

UFO digital cinema releases Magadheera in 70 screens

UFO digital cinema was established four years back. Till two months back, only 30 theatres in Andhra Pradesh were playing movies through UFO.

Now just in two months of span, with a new marketing strategy and with the help of its franchisee Southern Digital Screenz (SDS) Chennai the digital screens in AP count reached century. Mr. G.Lakshman, (AP regional manager,SDS) made it possible under the guidance of Mr. C. Bala Chandar (Chief Operative Officer,SDS Chennai) & Mr. Kishore Babu.

As Mr.Lakshman, being the film exhibitor and distributor has achieved this before the release of Magadheera. And the Magadheera movie is released in nearly 70 theatres through UFO digital cinema.

Here the special thing is before reaching the general prints to other theatres, the movie is downloaded to all these digital screens via satellite from UFO from 31st July 2009 early morning 3AM. The advantages of digital projections are very high picture quality and audio compared to normal screens.

The exhibitors, distributors and the audience are very much satisfied with these projections. And the UFO is now expecting more than 300 digital screens in near future.



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