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Nagababu to unite & educate Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha

PRP President Chiranjeevi slowly and steadily learning the political games and he is fixing the problems one after the other. Many a times he opined that the failure of PRP in the recent elections is lack of organization build up and also improper recognition to the fans in the political set up. He already set up the committees in the PRP at the state, district and Mandal level and asked the PRP leaders to build the gram level/village level committees by end of 15th Oct 2010.

Chiranjeevi realized the importance of identifying the fans across the state and unites them and educates them to fit into the political environment. He has given this task to his elder brother Shri Nagendra Babu. Nagendra Babu is the honorary President of Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha and he is meeting the fans across the state and motivating them to work closely and united. In this process, during the last plenary he asked PRP President Chiranjeevi to give 20% of party posts to fans. It seems Chiranjeevi obliged the demands of the fans and asked nagababu to build robust fans associations across the state. As part of this Nagababu will bring different peoples, fans and associations into one association called Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha, so that it will become a powerful body of the fans. Later on where and when the need comes these fans across the state will work for the party or for the Chiranjeevi. It is very good move by Megastar Chiranjeevi to strengthen the Chiranjeevi Rastra Yuvatha so that they can dictate the terms as when required.




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