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Sept 5th 2007, Hyderabad

No more hype for Cherry's Chirutha

Megastar Chiranjeevi does not want to give any hype for Chirutha movie. That is the sole reason, the muhurath was held as a low key event and not even a single still of muhurath shot came in media. Till date, there was no single press meet by the Chirutha unit.

As against wishes of lakhs of fans, Chirutha audio released with out any Hungama. Not even a single photo was given to the Print media as part of the coverage (except Eenadu and Andhrajyothy on the eve of Audio release).

The list goes like this and even Charan face was covered with hat as they do not want to reveal the actual camera facing image of Charan in the first bunch of vinyl's released.

Why is this happening?

All this is happening because of our own Megastar. Chiranjeevi does not want to give any hype for Chirutha movie. While talking to he said, he is  not allowing Charan to give any kind of media interview (Print, Electronic and web media) before the movie release. He said, 'I do not want to give unnecessary hype to this movie, as this movie is carrying huge expectations from all quarters of people. Over exposure of Charan or unnecessary coverage may play spoilt game on the movie.'. How ever he promised an interview for So let us see, whether Megastar and Cherry can accommodate some time for the elite visitors of Cherryfans?

Even the trailer that was supposed to get released along with Audio was not aired due to the same reason. Megastar wanted all the patrons to feel a pleasant surprise with Charan's looks, mannerisms, Dance etc etc. The first trailer is supposed to air in TV channels a week from now, and first look of Charan on a video footage is said to increase the expectations to leafs and bounds.

Also Cherry would not appear to the media before movie release.

So every one has to wait for the D-day. The movie in all probability release either on 21st or 26th September.

Stay tuned at for more updates of CHIRUTHA.



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