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Home   > Updates  > News  > Cherry to work in bad weather in Manly beach in Australia

Cherry to work in bad weather in Manly beach at Australia

“THE show must go on”, and so did the filming of a Tollywood movie at Manly Beach yesterday, despite the strong winds that lashed the coast.

Crew members shot the final scenes of the romantic comedy Orange along Manly’s beachfront, following two months filming in Melbourne and other iconic Sydney locations such as Darling Harbour and the Opera House. Film crew were rugged up in beanies, jumpers and face scarves, while the film’s stars kept warm in a nearby car.

The film, featuring Tolltwood/Bollywood stars Ram Charan and Genelia Desouza, is set to be released in India and Australia by the end of next month. Film cinematographer Gunakar Aiapaka said they chose to film in Manly because of the nice, seaside location, but had to film some scenes yesterday regardless of the weather.

“It’s been very bad weather for us - we don’t have much time and have a really tight schedule,” he said. Crew member Balasubramaniam Rajasekar said the strong wind was unexpected." Yesterday we were told there would be an 80 per cent chance of rain, but we didn’t expect this,” he said. It is very difficult for the indian crew to work at these strong.

This is the news item published in the Australian news paper and the same link is available here. Look at the camera man is covering his face against the tidy winds while Cherry is ready for a shot at the beach venue.



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